KADS One Act Comedy Festival

Presented by: KADS Theatre

Four hilarious one act plays from two great local playwrights.

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KADS One Act Comedy Festival

One Act Comedy Festival

'Kurkervation' - written and directed by James Forte.
At the Woelow Winter Writers' Workshop, local eminence Whirl has grabbed the privilege of interviewing visiting celebrity Eddy who has just completed volume six of the scientific history of kurkervation and is now on the obligatory circuit of book signings. Whirl knows nothing about kurkervation and Eddy cares even less for Woelow's Writers' Festival...

'The Mechanic of Venice' - written  by James Forte, directed by Alexis Marr.
The lady Portia is young, rich and beautiful - and a target for all sorts of dubious marriage suitors. Her father is dead but left her a test to ensure she gets a husband who is worthy. That is, one who is prepared to risk all to gain her hand. One who can deduce which of the three caskets contains her portrait. However Portia is also smart. Why should she wed someone decided by some farcical competition over which she has no control? Arranged marriages are only acceptable if she is doing the arranging!

'No Strings Attached' - written by Johnny Grimshaw, directed by Peter Nettleton.
Flip and Scratch are fairground puppets, once big stars but now fallen on hard times. Faced with the inevitable decline of their audiences, they discuss their various options.

'Touched by the Hand' - written and directed by Johnny Grimshaw.
The life of petty thief Eamon Doherty isn't looking too bright. That is until the morning he wakes to find he's been touched by the hand of God. His mate Colin isn't so sure but he's happy to entertain the idea over a few pints of Guinness at their local...

Four shows only - Fri 31 Aug, Sat 1 Sept, Fri 7 Sept, Sat 8 Sept - 2018
All shows commence at 8pm, doors open 7.30pm

Tickets:  $20 Full, $17 Concession

KADS Town Square Theatre - 6 Central Mall, Kalamunda
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Enquiries:  Linda 0448 779 891



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